Mar 8, 2018

Real Touch Calla Lilies

These Real Touch calla lilies I found at Etsy are unbelievably affordable starting at just $9.50 for ten stems. Bear in mind they ship from China and could take up to thirty days to reach your doorstep. Shipping to me here in Virginia is just $4.00. Because calla lilies are one of the few flowers (besides roses and tulips) that look so breathtakingly beautiful all on their own, you can create a DIY calla lily bouquet or centerpiece for fifteen dollars or less. Multiply that by just ten wedding reception tables and you may end up paying $150 instead of $500. Made with a blend of latex and foam, Fresh Touch flowers are lovely and soft and more realistic looking than any other silk or artificial flower.



Feb 22, 2018

Breathtaking Pink Centerpieces for a Spring Wedding

Breathtaking pink centerpieces for a spring wedding, bridal shower or cozy brunch with lemon cream scones and freshly brewed chamomile tea. Unfussy and uncomplicated - most of these centerpieces have three different blooms or less with the exception of the pink tulips - always at their most exquisite when left in their own lovely company. These prices I'm about to share can be found (and this is just a partial sample) at Fifty Flowers, who offers free shipping on bulk orders online:

Pink Wedding Flowers

  • Pink Antique Garden Roses - 24 stems for $119.99
  • Pink Peony Flowers (June delivery) - 20 stems for $109.99
  • Dazzling Pink Oriental Lilies - 20 stems for $89.99
  • Pink Gerbera Daisies - 20 stems for $69.99
  • Cotton Candy Pink Ranunculus Flowers - 100 stems for $239.99
  • Hot Pink Anemones - 80 stems for $189.99
  • Pink Sweetheart Roses - 150 stems for $139.99
  • Pink Calla Lily Flowers - 50 petite stems for $139.99

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Feb 15, 2018

Whimsical Rustic Wedding Signs

I found these whimsical rustic wedding signs at a shop on Etsy called Sweet NC Collective where you can still find all the welcome but slightly worn out sayings you've come to expect: just married, the adventure begins, welcome to our wedding, last chance to run, here comes the bride and so on at around $25 each. But if you want something more funny than familiar - I always do - surprise your guests with your family's favorite inside joke "For once she's on time! Here comes the bride." Today this shop is offering a 20% discount on orders over fifty dollars, an even better bargain on two of these hand painted wedding signs - available in dark walnut (as shown here), weathered gray or English oak.

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Jan 29, 2018

Breathtaking Mexican Wedding Cakes

Why are Mexican wedding cakes more colorful than our own? It is said that the people of Mexico associate their love of color with freedom, faith and taking chances. We value risk taking as well, but in a much less bold and beautiful way. Our neighbors to the south express a pure joy of living with bright turquoise, yellow, orange, purple and pink painted homes and haciendas with Spanish tiled roofs. Outdoor markets seduce you with colorful woven textiles, piƱatas, sombreros and baskets. New York City and Los Angeles have the largest Mexican American communities in the entire United States – about four million combined - where traditional Mexican weddings are festive and fun with breathtaking wedding cakes like these shown below.

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Jan 21, 2018

Personalized Groomsmen Sunglasses

Personalized groomsmen sunglasses like these will never go out of style. Not all men need more whiskey glasses, bottle openers and flasks. Because many - like my husband Phil - usually choose soda over scotch. But there's no escaping the sun whether you live one mile up in Denver, Colorado or almost one mile below in South Daytona Beach. Choose to have these engraved with Groomsmen, Best Man, Father of the Groom, and so on. Sunglasses labeled with UV400 protection (like these) protect eyes from the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays. The lenses are available in gray black or tea brown as shown. These sunglasses and matching engraved bamboo box are yours for just $30.

Engraved sunglasses without the box are $20.

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Jan 20, 2018

Bohemian Style Jewelry on Etsy

Here it is - my all time favorite bohemian style jewelry on Etsy. Triccotra Shop is full of exquisitely photographed jewelry that celebrates birds, butterflies, flowers, feathers and leaves in lovely antique bronze settings starting at just $12. The shipping fee from Madrid, Spain is unbelievably affordable - less than three dollars to me here in Virginia.

Art Nouveau Necklace with magenta glass beads.

Parrot earrings (and matching necklace) available at $16 each.

Emerald green flower necklace
also available in cream, light green, blush pink and plum.

Deer, flamingo, owl, butterfly and hummingbird bracelets - $16 each.

Verdigris Feather Pendant - your choice of a 16 to 34 inch length chain.

Peacock Feather Earrings and Necklace - $16 each.
Matching Peacock Feather Ring - four dollars less.

Cross stitch pendants in a variety of sizes and styles from $14 to $25.

Jan 13, 2018

Charitable Wedding Registries

Charitable wedding registries are a very generous way for those with good enough incomes to cover housing, car payments, gym memberships and a two week stay at the Royal Hawaiian on Waikiki Beach - to celebrate their love with those less fortunate. The New York Times reported one such lucky couple, Christopher and Deirdre, who put just one item on their registry, a charity that teaches disabled children and adults to sail. The chief executive of Sail To Prevail, Paul Callahan, said the donations made it possible to build an endowment for this worthy charity that also sponsors pediatric cancer patients and veterans wounded in combat.

Source: "For Those Who Have It All, Charitable Wedding Registries" by Paul Sullivan